Dry Brush


Dry Brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that helps renew the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system while encouraging the body to rid of toxins.
To use, start at your feet and brush gently toward your heart. When you start on your arms, begin at the hands and work upward. Use firm, small upward strokes. Avoid sensitive areas of the skin such as your face and neck. For the stomach, work in a clockwise pattern to mimic the direction of digestion.


The combination of exfoliating, massaging, and rejuvenating the top layer of your skin with a dry brush helps increase circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, all while sloughing dead skin cells and helping to make your skin look more radiant.

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Ingredients: fair-trade certified, USDA organic certified, made with vegan bamboo and sisal (a Mexican aloe plant)