So Black Charcoal Soap


Who knew reclaimed, treated coffee grounds could feel this good? Enjoy this luxurious and organic soap that combines coffee with premium ingredients that make your skin feel fresh and exfoliated.
This product gives used coffee grounds a second life.


Organic Vegan Espresso Coffee Charcoal Soap is a beautiful handcrafted body and face soap containing coffee grounds and bamboo charcoal for exfoliation and soothing organic coconut oil to protect and moisturize your skin.

Single Origin Skincare works with coffee growers to reduce the waste generated from the bean to the cup.
They are also working to break the cycle of illiteracy in children in these regions by distributing English-translated farming books to the remote coffee growing regions along the Thai-Myanmar border.

Ingredients: water (filtered), rice bran oil polyglyceryl-3 esters, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, palm kernel oil (Sustainable Eco-Plantation), sodium hydroxide – natural papaya fruit ferment, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate fruit ferment filtrate, coffee extraction, glycerine -natural, shea butter amidopropyl betaine charcoal powder