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Top Trends in Corporate Gifting

Let’s start with the obvious: corporate gifting is a fantastic way to build strong relationships with your clients, partners, and employees. But in an age where brand messaging and communication are coming at you from every angle, how can your gift create a lasting impression? One way is to understand market trends and make sure the gifts you select are resonating with your target consumer. Let’s look at some of the top trends in corporate gifting. The Rise of Luxury Gifting Picture this: instead of the usual generic gifts, imagine presenting your clients or employees with a touch of luxury. [...]

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3 Milestones You Should be Celebrating 

Laughter, smiles, and a sense of accomplishment - these are just a few of the emotions that come to mind when we think about employee celebrations. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a good reason to celebrate?   Employee celebrations are more than just an opportunity to have a good time – they're an essential part of recognizing the hard work and dedication your team members put in day after day. By celebrating milestones like birthdays, work anniversaries, and achievements, you demonstrate to your employees that their efforts are valued and appreciated. This, in turn, leads to increased job satisfaction, [...]

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Gift Ideas for Homebodies 

You know them…or maybe you’re one of them. They prefer a cozy night in over a night surrounded by people. They’d rather make a nice dinner than fight crowds at a restaurant. They’re happy with a book and don’t need (or want) the stimulation of a bar or dance club…at least not often. Zero judgement here. I am an extreme introvert myself and have often decided to lounge in my sweatpants rather than put on “real clothes.”  Do you know someone who fits this description? If so, here are a few gift ideas for this special group of loveable, but [...]

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How to Present Gifts for Maximum Impact

I have a member of my family who is notoriously late with birthday gifts. Then, when this person does give you the gift, it’s usually in the plastic bag it came in at the store. Sometimes it’s even in a trash bag. It’s funny, but also, it doesn’t do justice to the thought that actually went into the gift. This person often puts a lot of time into researching the best gift option, but the presentation is lacking. How can you make sure your gift presentation matches the energy you’re putting into your gift? 1. Make sure the gift arrives [...]

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mom. A small word with so much power. When you stop and think about “mom,” there’s an emotional response, often a warming of the soul. Sometimes it hits a chord of grief. If your childhood relationship was strained, it may evoke anger. But rarely does it elicit no response.   I took the power of this word for granted pretty much my entire life. I had a traditional family, with a mom, dad, and little sister. The word mom was just what I called the person who raised me. I never really gave it much thought.    But then I became a [...]

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Coffee or Tea? Which is Better for Someone You Don’t Know? 

We have two luxury branded gift boxes that are very similar – beMINDFUL and beINTENTIONAL. Both include a hardbacked journal, a handcrafted pen, and an artisan mug, but one includes coffee and the other includes tea. We created these very similar boxes on purpose so that no matter which beverage your recipient prefers, we have the perfect option! The question is – which should you go with if you don’t really know the recipient all that well?  We find that many people purchase the morning beverage they themselves prefer. Coffeeholics choose coffee beans. Zen masters choose tea leaves. But is [...]

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Is Administrative Professionals’ Day Worth Celebrating? 

Admins don’t close the big sales. They don’t implement the merit raises. The don’t give the keynote speeches. They’re usually behind the scenes making all of those things happen, but rarely getting the credit. But we all know that there aren’t too many organizations who can survive without a solid administrative assistant. So, when we ask if Administrative Professionals' Day is worth celebrating, the short answer is YES!  Think about it – has your admin ever been out of the office for any length of time? How did your office do in his/her absence? Our money says that it was [...]

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The Story Behind Our Ash Camp Blanket 

Product selection is one of the hardest parts of our business. We have to find products that are high quality, marketable, and will fit in one of our keepsake wooden boxes. Oh yeah, and because we only carry gifts that give back, we have to vet the suppliers to make sure they are laser-focused on achieving a mission that makes the world a better place. There aren’t very many suppliers who pass the beCAUSE minded qualification round. Only about 10% of the products we research fit the specs. We order samples of these products, and only about half of the [...]

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The Key to Client Welcome Gifts 

Client welcome gifts are a standard practice in many industries. But when not done well, it won’t get you the results you’re hoping for. I mean, who really wants another branded mousepad? Before you purchase a client welcome gift, let’s pause and think about what your goal is. You want to show your client appreciation for choosing your product or service. It’s not abo