Is it Time to Deck the Halls Already? 

My daughter and I have a game we’ve played since she was about 2 years old. That year, we taught her a few Christmas songs. If you’ve never heard a 2-year old sing “Jingle Bells,” you’re seriously missing out. The problem was, by the time she mastered the songs, the holidays were over, and I’m a stickler for keeping Christmas things at Christmas time. The game goes like this: she starts singing a Christmas song in any month that’s not December. I say in a very playful way “Noooooo….it’s not Christmas time.” She sings it, I interrupt her and repeat, [...]

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How Socially Conscious Gifting Can Help You Stand Out

Would you remember if someone gave you a branded tote bag or koozie? You’ve probably received two hundred of these, but I bet you’d have a hard time remembering even a handful of the companies who gave them to you. What if you received a bath set with bath bombs, a towel, and a lavender lotion? While the gift will likely leave you with a more positive impression of the person gifting you the items than you had previously, the gift itself may be forgotten after a few months. But what if you received bath bombs that provided employment and [...]

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The Connection Between Corporate Gifts and Company Culture

One of our favorite aspects of corporate gifting is its power to boost celebration and camaraderie in a workplace. We talk a lot about how to find the best corporate gifts for employees and while carefully selecting a gift is important, there’s more to it than just the physical item. A corporate gifting system can create shared moments of celebration - marking a successful project completion, a birthday, or an employee’s life event. These moments create a sense of unity and togetherness among team members, which are the building blocks to a healthy company culture. How do gifts fuel this [...]

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Creating a Client Gifting Program

If there’s one thing every business is working towards, it’s being efficient with their time. We want to get the most done, provide the most value to our customers, and have the best revenue. So, we make systems for everything – monthly reports, onboarding, meeting schedules, etc. We love systems at beCAUSE minded. But how does that work with something as personal as gifting? Doesn’t that need to be done from scratch each time? The answer is no. While gifts are personal, the bigger strategy around client gifts can be systemized relatively simply. Follow the steps below to create a [...]

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When Corporate Gifts Go Wrong 

Finding the right corporate gifts can be a challenging undertaking for many. The beCAUSE minded blogs usually focus on helping our readers discover how to find great referral, employee, and client gifts. But sometimes the best way to learn is from your (or others’) mistakes. So, today I’m going to share a few times folks totally missed the mark, and tips to help you avoid these mistakes! I’ve received countless corporate gifts. Some are really thoughtful, and it’s immediately evident that a significant amount of thought went into choosing the gift. Some are practical and immediately put to good use. [...]

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Should You Celebrate Your Employee’s Life Events?

There are moments that change your life forever. I call these before and after moments. For example, when I had my first child - There was a life before kids, and a life after. The loss of my closest aunt. There was a before her death and an after. Marriage and divorce are before/after events. A move across the country can be another one. The question is – as an employer, should you acknowledge these events and if so, how? Let’s start with the simplest answer. Yes. As an employer, you have a group of people, not robots, who work [...]

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Should You Give Employees the Same Gifts? 

The debate is on. Is it ok to standardize gifts for employees or should every employee receive a gift that is unique to them? For those who don’t claim gift-giving as their strength, they almost always say that buying the same gift for everyone is fine. But that’s the thing – do you want your gifts to be fine? Wouldn’t you rather they were thoughtful, unique, or exciting? Of course!   That said, we believe that some occasions work well with standardize gifts, while others require a more personal touch to effectively communicate the appreciation you are trying to show. In [...]

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Breaking Corporate Gifting Norms: A Touching Story of Kindness

It was just after lunch, the day after my 31st birthday, a Sunday. I was sitting on the couch when I received a call from an unknown caller with a Kansas City area code. At that time, I was in a role that involved managing a lot of moving pieces on the weekends, so it wasn’t uncommon to get a call from an unknown number. But I wasn’t ready for this one. It was the ex-husband of my only employee and one of my closest friends. It took me a moment to figure out why in the world he would [...]

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Top Trends in Corporate Gifting

Let’s start with the obvious: corporate gifting is a fantastic way to build strong relationships with your clients, partners, and employees. But in an age where brand messaging and communication are coming at you from every angle, how can your gift create a lasting impression? One way is to understand market trends and make sure the gifts you select are resonating with your target consumer. Let’s look at some of the top trends in corporate gifting. The Rise of Luxury Gifting Picture this: instead of the usual generic gifts, imagine presenting your clients or employees with a touch of luxury. [...]

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