Our Springtime Favorites

With Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes lining the sides of the highway, birds chirping at 7am, and crisp chills in the morning followed by 80-degree afternoons, it’s clear that spring has arrived in our home base in Central Texas. To celebrate this season of transformation and growth, we are highlighting some of our favorite springtime products! If you are in need of birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, or just a little something to say thank you, these seasonal favorites are sure to be a hit! 1. Kumkumadi Oil Let’s start with what exactly is kumkumadi oil? The name Kumkumadi comes from [...]

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The System That Makes Corporate Gifting Easy

When you are giving gifts to referrals and clients throughout the year, it can be a hassle to order each one individually. Finding your credit card, going through the checkout process, and then having several receipts per month on your expense report can create unnecessary admin work. This year, we’ve set up a new system that makes corporate gifting even easier. Now, gifts can be ordered with just a simple email. Which gift would you like and where is it going? It doesn’t get simpler than that. How does it work? First, we work with you to select gifts that [...]

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

There’s really only one goal when buying a birthday gift for your best friend, favorite aunt, sister, or significant other – you want to make her feel special. After all, it’s her big day! beCAUSE minded is women-owned and run. So, when creating birthday gifts for her, we created gift boxes we ourselves would love to receive! Here are some of our top picks! bePAMPERED This wellness gift box is one of our best-sellers for a reason. I mean, what woman wouldn’t want to be pampered on her birthday? This gift box includes our cleansing rose clay face mask, detoxifying [...]

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How Much Should You Spend on Client Gifts?

When it comes to corporate gifts, you want to be Goldilocks – don’t spend too little, don’t spend too much, but spend just the right amount. If you underspend, you may leave your customers wondering if you really care about them at all. And if you overspend, you could make things awkward, or even come across as desperate. Neither is a good look. So, what is that “just right” number? The answer to this question isn’t one-size-fits-all. For businesses with a lower revenue/client, like many e-commerce businesses, a $100 gift per client will likely sink your business…quickly. However, for businesses, [...]

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How a Mug Saves Orphans

We received a celebratory email a few months ago from a supplier telling us they were able to buy gasoline. Do you normally email your friends or customers when you fill your tank? We don’t either. But in Haiti at that time, this was a big win. People were literally being killed for gasoline. You see, Haiti’s history is riddled with coups, revolts, and human rights violations. Recently, gangs held many gas stations hostage, leaving Haitians without access to transportation for months. This left many businesses and hospitals with no choice but to close down. An article in Reuters explains [...]

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Will You Make an Introduction?

When it’s done well, the person in charge of corporate gifting has the opportunity to impact the company culture, relationships with clients, and when they choose gifts that give back, they have the power to make a worldwide impact. Many companies spend more on corporate gifting than individuals. After all, in corporate gifting, the idea is that there’s a return on investment – whether that’s lower turnover, an increased number of referrals, or larger orders. In many industries, corporate gifts are a planned expense each year. This was true for my first company. Our corporate gifting budget was less than [...]

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A Call to Action

Fair warning. This blog is a little different from our normal blogs. This blog isn’t focusing on the best wellness gift boxes for your employees, friends, or family. This blog is a call to action. Over the past year, several of our corporate gift suppliers have closed their doors. Businesses that have done good in the world, made exquisite products, and had a long track record of success disappeared from the landscape. And the world is worse off for it. Lovoso made beautiful, handcrafted pens. Their colorful wooden pens were the best-selling item at our most recent trade show. They [...]

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Why and How to Celebrate Work Anniversaries

If you want to build a healthy company culture, celebrate wins. Bring more highlights to your company newsfeed. Your employees spend most of their days in their roles - working on projects, solving issues for clients, handling internal issues, etc. Adding celebratory moments gives your team a chance to remember that what they are working on is part of a team effort, even if their project is an individual one. There are three occasions we celebrate every year for every employee: birthdays, Christmas/winter holidays, and work anniversaries. We add celebrations for weddings and new additions to a family when the [...]

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

At my daughter’s elementary school, they call Valentine’s Day the day of love and friendship. I love the idea that we can celebrate all kinds of love on Valentine’s Day. At her age, there’s not much interest in romance, so it’s clear that all of the Valentine’s Day cards and gifts are friendship oriented. But what I’ve found as I got older is that there can be confusion about whether a person is sending a gesture of friendship or a romantic invitation on Valentine’s Day. This can be a tricky situation to navigate, especially in a workplace. Does that mean [...]

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