What Kind of Mom Do You Have? 

Before you spend your money on your typical Mother’s Day gifts – flowers, jewelry, or a picture frame – stop and think. Are these things your mom would enjoy? Not a mom, but your mom. Let us officially give you permission to go off the beaten path when it comes to showing your mom how much you appreciate her! If you’re not sure what we mean, let me use my mom as an example. My mom is an entrepreneur, Christian, athlete, adventure-seeker, and a wife/mom who is heavily infected with wanderlust. She also loves gardening, so sometimes I do get her the stereotypical gift of flowers…but I think she likes mixing it up, so I try to keep [...]

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Why Most Social Enterprises Don’t Make It 

Have you ever opened a gift that was…well…low quality? You said thank you, but really, in your mind you’re thinking, “What am I going to do with this?” It’s happened all too often to me. My friends and family know I try to shop cause-based and sometimes they purchase something that is low-quality just because it has a good story. The problem is, it’s not something anyone would actually want.  As I have gotten to know more and more social enterprise owners, I find a lot of them miss one key mark – you have to create products that are high in [...]

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5 Ways to Work Sustainability into your Company Model

At our outset, we decided we would be focused on creating a sustainable company. When looking at the options for eco friendly business gifts, there are only a handful that are brandable. If we are going to put our logo on something, we want it to be in line with our mission to provide best in class gifts that have a lasting impact on people and the planet we inhabit.  We’ve spent a good amount of time over the past year looking at ways we can decrease our environmental impact. We want to be clear – we are still on the journey. We haven’t arrived [...]

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How to Make Your Card Stand Out

If you’ve read much of our content, you know that I am not a “words” person. I grew up with the motto “Show me, don’t tell me.” So, for years, I underestimated the power of words. Writing kind notes or cards does not come naturally to me, but I have found a few keys to success. If you’re like me, and have a hard time coming up with the right things to say in cards, here are a few tips to help your card stand out! 1.Whatever you do, DO NOT just rely on the Etsy or Amazon note to [...]

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Does Present Presentation Really Matter? 

People often make fun of me because usually, when I order a personal or client gift, I will have it delivered to my home, then wrap it, then handwrite a beautiful card (possibly even a homemade) and THEN mail the gift. To many, that seems over-the-top. But presentation matters. Right now probably 80% of you are saying, “does it?” I assure you it does.   Let me give you a few examples.  Have you ever gone to a job interview in ripped jeans and flip flops? Have you ever added garnish to any plate…ever? How would you feel if you walked into your room at an expensive hotel and [...]

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7 Ways to Level-up Your Gift Presentation 

You’re stoked. You’ve found the perfect gift. How do you make the presentation of the gift fit the work and thought you put in?   If you want to know why gift presentation matters, check out our blog on that topic! https://becauseminded.com/does-present-pre…on-really-matter/    If you need some ways to add some “extra” to your friend, family or client gift presentation, here are a few ideas:  1.Theme the wrapping paper with the gift. I once got a client a Dallas Cowboy’s jersey (I mean – it is America’s team, lol). I wrapped the gift with blue paper and silver ribbon/bow. While not every gift lends itself to that kind of color [...]

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7 Non-Work Employee Gift Opportunities 

Can you remember what your boss got you for your wedding? How about what a co-worker got you when you had a baby? Did anyone you work with remember your birthday? These are such huge moments in a person’s life – moments in which acts of kindness speak their loudest.   Out of all of the things I’ve done as an employer, I believe that one of the right choices I’ve made is to celebrate with my employees during major life events. It has built loyalty, friendship, and a culture that is hard to beat.  If you’re not naturally gifted in finding these opportunities to connect [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Get Your Clients Thoughtful Gifts

I love gift-buying. When holiday season rolls around, I am the one that spends an obscene amount of time trying to decide which hiking socks really embody the recipient’s aura. Then, I painstakingly add a perfect, color-coordinating Christmas bow to every box…and my husband cringes as I get glitter…everywhere.  And client gifts are no exception. If you’ve skimped on client gifts in the past, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t make that same mistake twice.  1. Attitude of gratitude  When I purchase my client a gift, it is first and foremost an act of gratitude. Sometimes the gift says, “Thank you for taking a leap of [...]

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Why Do We Focus on Employment?

In order for a product to be included in one of our boxes, it must be produced by a company that gives more than 50% of their profits to a cause or employ the vulnerable. We feel like it’s probably obvious why we prioritize giving profits toward a cause. But why employ the vulnerable? First, let’s define what we mean when we say “vulnerable.” At beCAUSE minded, someone is considered vulnerable if they are in a group of people who are commonly overlooked or traditionally do not qualify for employment. Examples of these groups include the differently-abled, autistic, formerly incarcerated, [...]

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Why beCAUSE minded? The long story.

It was holiday 2019, you know, back when you could go to Target with no mask and get name brand hand sanitizer. I was on the hunt for client gifts. I really wanted to spend my holiday funds in a meaningful way. I hoped my clients would like the gifts I got them, but I didn’t know them well enough to be 100% sure. But at least if I purchased their gifts from a place that supported a cause I was passionate about, I had that to hang my hat on. I was looking for something unique, thoughtful and on-brand. [...]

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