How to Present Gifts for Maximum Impact I have a member of my family who is notoriously late with birthday gifts. Then, when this person does give you the gift, it’s usually in the plastic bag it came in at the store. Sometimes it’s even in a trash bag. It’s funny, but also, it doesn’t do justice to the thought that actually went into the gift. This person often puts a lot of time into researching the best gift option, but the presentation is lacking.

How can you make sure your gift presentation matches the energy you’re putting into your gift?

1. Make sure the gift arrives on time.

While we should all extend grace when a gift arrives late, it’s much better to plan ahead and make sure your gift arrives on time. There’s something that makes a gift extra special when you know the giver of the gift has been planning for your big day for weeks.

How to Present Gifts for Maximum Impact 2. Take pride in the wrapping.

We are all for going green and reusing gift bags and bows when possible. But be sure the gift bag or wrapping paper makes sense for the occasion and do your best to wrap the gift with care. While you may not care about how a gift is wrapped, your recipient is likely to appreciate the extra effort of presenting the gift in style.

3. Deliver the gift in person if possible.

Isn’t it so fun to watch someone open a gift you put a lot of thought into? Opening the gift is often followed by a hug or handshake, a connection that doesn’t translate virtually. While it’s not always possible to deliver your personal or corporate gifts in person, if the opportunity is there, take it.

How to Present Gifts for Maximum Impact 4. Add some enthusiasm.

When giving the gift, smile. Tell them you are excited for them to open it. If you’re giving the gift over a meal, we recommend doing the gift exchange first, so it feels like the purpose of getting together, not an afterthought. Even if you aren’t a naturally bubbly person, a simple smile and telling them you are looking forward to them opening your gift can go a long way!

5. Include a personalized card.

Cards are the final touch to a great gift. There’s a reason many people keep the gift cards that come with their gifts. The kind words in cards are treasures that fill the heart of the reader. Don’t skip this step.

Imagine if you showed up to an important event in your pajamas, with your hair in disarray. Awkward, right? And while we all agree in the principle that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, the truth is, taking pride in your appearance shows the event is important to you. Think of gifts in the same way. While we agree it’s what’s on the inside that counts, the presentation communicates that the birthday, anniversary, etc., is important enough to dress up the gift.

What are some fun ways you’ve presented your personal or corporate gifts? Tell us in the comments!