Mom. A small word with so much power. When you stop and think about “mom,” there’s an emotional response, often a warming of the soul. Sometimes it hits a chord of grief. If your childhood relationship was strained, it may evoke anger. But rarely does it elicit no response.  

Mother's Day Gift IdeasI took the power of this word for granted pretty much my entire life. I had a traditional family, with a mom, dad, and little sister. The word mom was just what I called the person who raised me. I never really gave it much thought.   

But then I became a foster parent and I had to decide how I wanted to introduce myself to the kiddos that would come into my care. Suddenly I realized the name mom was sacred. While I was licensed to fill in the maternal role for an unknown length of time, I knew I didn’t want to touch the name “mom.” I thought this over for weeks, and ultimately, I went with Momma J. My husband went with Tex, a nickname he had with his nephews. So, we have a few kiddos who will forever think of us as Tex and Momma J.  

Foster and adoptive parents often talk about the day their child first calls them “mom.” It’s a moment that indicates trust, affection, and belonging between the child and the caretakers. It’s often a quantitative step in the child’s healing. These discussions made me realize the name mom almost always carries with it these traits of trust, affection, and belonging, whether the mom is an adoptive or biological mom.   

There’s a day coming up to celebrate these women who hold such a special place in our hearts. And if you need help finding just the right thing, we’ve put together this list of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas.  

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas1. beREFRESHED gift box 

This box is our newest box, designed especially for mom. Featuring our striped Pestemal hand towel, rose clay face mask, calming lavender lotion, and adorable citrus-splash owl soap, this box is full of practical products for mom to treat herself.  

2. beLOVELY gift box 

With our Varasi robe, kumkumadi oil, and rose clay mask, this is a box of luxurious relaxation. The shape, pattern, and unique trim of the Varasi robe accentuates her feminine side without giving up functionality. Did we mention it has pockets? The cleansing rose clay mask is suitable for any skin type and the moisturizing kumkumadi oil is an anti-oxidant packed, moisturizing oil that sinks in clean, without leaving her face feeling oily.  

3. bePAMPERED gift box 

One of our best-selling boxes, the bePAMPERED gift box includes everything she needs for a spa experience at home – charcoal bath salts, Jubilee Jam soap, a pine soap dish, a rose clay mask, and our enlightened body butter. After using these gifts, she will feel relaxed, restored, cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized.  

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas4. beCALMED gift box 

If your mom loves the smell of lavender, this box is for her! Lavender bath bombs, our Lavender Sprig candle, and calming lavender lotion set the tone for relaxation. We’ve paired these with non-caffeinated chamomile tea and our absorbent and soft Pebbles Pestemal bath towel.   

A thoughtful gift with card is just one way to show your mom you appreciate her. Spending time with her, in person or virtually, is another. However you choose to show your love, be sure to take this opportunity to show your appreciation for the woman who made you. And to all of our moms, mums, mommies, mothers, bonus moms, foster moms, stepmoms, and more – Happy Mother’s Day! 

Do you have a favorite memory about your mom you’d like to share?